Teaching Your Children Good Oral Care Habits
By Tender Care Dentistry
June 19, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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How your pediatric dentists in Charlotte Hall, MD, can help your child’s smile

Teaching your children good oral care habits is the foundation for ensuring they enjoy healthy smiles for life. When your children develop the habit of brushing and flossing regularly, it can save their smiles from needless hardship.

Dr. Dana Kim and Dr. Elnaz Nazemian at Tender Care Dentistry in Charlotte Hall, MD offer comprehensive pediatric dental care services to help your child’s smile.

Did you know your child is at risk of tooth decay the minute the first tooth erupts in your child’s mouth? It’s true, and that’s why starting early with good oral hygiene habits is so important.

You want your children to start brushing after every meal and before they go to bed. To teach your child how to brush effectively, you need to:

Place a small amount of toothpaste (about the size of a pea) on your child’s toothbrush. Stand behind your child, with both of you facing a mirror. With your child watching, use a gentle, circular motion to brush your child’s teeth and gum line. Then have your child show you the technique.

Hint: Your Charlotte Hall pediatric dentist states that you can purchase a sonic or electric toothbrush for your child, just make sure whatever toothbrush your child uses has soft bristles.

Your child should be shown how to floss around the age of four when dexterity is better. Have your child watch you floss first and then have your child try flossing while looking in a mirror. Your children should be able to floss without your help around the age of eight.

Hint: Floss picks are a great solution to make flossing easier for your children. They come in kid-friendly shapes too. Your Charlotte Hall pediatric dentist highly recommends them.

It’s important to set a good example by having your children see you brush and floss regularly too. Children learn best by watching and doing.

To find out more about teaching your children about good oral hygiene habits, talk with the experts, your pediatric dentists of Tender Care Dentistry in Charlotte Hall, Maryland. You can reach Dr. Dana Kim and Dr. Elnaz Nazemian at (301) 298-2622, so call today!