What Fluoride Treatment Can Do for Your Child
By Tender Care Dentistry
September 24, 2019
Category: Oral Health
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Fluoride is a mineral that is instrumental in the development of strong, healthy teeth. Fluoride also has the ability to prevent cavities by preserving healthy tooth enamel and targeting the bacteria that could lead to decay. If you want to protect your little one’s smile from decay, you should definitely talk with Dr. Dana Kim and Dr. Elnaz Nazemian, your pediatric dentists in Charlotte Hall, MD, about fluoride treatment—read on to learn more!

What is involved in getting fluoride treatment?

Fluoride comes in many different formulas, including gels, rinse, and foams, and your Charlotte Hall, MD, children’s dentist can determine the best option for your child. However, any way in which fluoride is administered, it is easy, painless, and non-invasive.

Even though fluoride is found in drinking water and toothpaste, the treatments we offer have a much higher concentration of fluoride, and only take a couple of minutes to apply. Following treatment, it’s important that your child doesn’t eat or drink anything for 30 minutes so as to ensure that the teeth have time to fully absorb the fluoride.

Can fluoride prevent cavities?

When bacteria erodes tooth enamel, it is fluoride that is used to restore the structure by re-mineralizing the enamel. It can also stop the growth of cavity-causing oral bacteria. While fluoride will not be able to treat or reverse decay necessarily, it can help the outer surface of the teeth remain strong in order to prevent decay from affecting the inside of the tooth.

How often should my child get fluoride treatment?

Depending on your child’s oral health and their risk for cavities, our dentist may recommend getting fluoride treatment every six or 12 months. If your child is at high risk for cavities, then they may be given an at-home fluoride rinse to use on their own.

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